Natra Burst

      I want to tell you how great this product is. I don’t just sell this my family uses it too. My     two daughter’s both have Arthritis, Veronica my oldest has had it since she was three and Gloria wasn’t “officially” diagnosed until last year(it took five years to finally get her diagnosed because it didn’t show up in blood test). Gloria’s is a more aggressive form and she takes shots weekly(Enbrel).

 Both have almost constant pain. Not any more, now I’m not saying this vitamin supplement will cure your Arthritis, please if that was true we’d be partying! All I’m saying is that since we’ve been taking it we feel great! Gloria also has Asthma, a low immune system, and I.B.S. (yep she got the short in of the D.N.A.) Oh and have I mentioned she’s had Pneumonia ten times? Every year since she started school (she’s a freshmen in high school) She didn’t get it this year!

    Natra Burst is a powder you can add to any drink( we put it in our smoothy in the morning) It has a full day of fruit and veggie requirements. And the drops give you a natural energy boost! Cool beans.

    If you want more information (and even how you can get Natra Burst for free) go here:


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