Hello my name is Natalie and I really suck at doing about pages! Here comes the basic crap: I’m a Wife, Mother of six( from twenty-eight to thirteen),an Oma (Grandmother) of two awesome boys(eleven and two), a full time college student, a business owner, a blogger, and I run a forum for women.

I love to garden, walk in the woods, read and learn new things. Lets see what else? I have four dogs (Rascal,a mutt,Teddy an Bunny are Pomeranian’s, and my only girl Hailey is a Yorky who thinks she my body guard!) and I have two male cat’s that grace us with their presence Hercules and Caesar.

Here are my blogs: http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com  http://inmygarden-daisy.blogspot.com http://supportfourwomen.blogspot.com and my women’s  forum http://www.woman2woman.freeforums.org



I welcome your comments,questions or idea's!

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