I Remember

I remember back in June when I signed up for school, I just couldn’t do my job physically anymore (I worked in a nursing home) and emotional I was rung out. So I decided to go back to school and do something else for the next twenty years-hey they say people change careers three times in their lives.

My first hurdle when starting school was learning to use a computer! All I had ever done was use ours to play card games on! And also about that same time we decided to home school my youngest he needed to be more advanced than what our school system would allow.

So all of a sudden I was thrown into the twentieth century-ya I threw myself into it!   Well all of a sudden I had three email accounts and was taking computer classes-a requirement, and eight months later I have three blogs, a woman’s forum, and a career on the internet!

Oh don’t get me wrong, I made a lot of mistakes and bought a lot of junk! I stumbled along determined to make this work. I’ll be honest with you I hate working for others and I really don’t take orders well. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to work my own hours and have freedom to travel, play with my grand children.

Well let me tell you some truths I learned along the way. Being your own boss isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be! First there isn’t anyone to blame when things go wrong, when I didn’t know how to do something. And working when really all you want to do is lay around and watch T.V.

You can’t though cause if you don’t do it no one else will either! I’m not saying you can’t take a day off or anything like that, I’m saying I worked everyday on something til I finally found a real opportunity and not another scam! I didn’t have any one to show me how, mater of fact usually when I told people I was doing this they laughed at me! Or thought it was a waist of time.

Aren’t you lucky? Cause you have me and I will share everything I know with you! I’ll see you all tomorrow!


I welcome your comments,questions or idea's!

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